Farming Together provides free expert support in areas as diverse as digital marketing, financial planning, provenance building and food technology. We have more than 200 proven ag-consultants who can help you get export-ready, check supply contracts, form a co-op, launch a website, research transport options, develop blockchain or devise a marketing campaign … and it’s free.

The only requirements are that you be Australian citizens, that you are a group of at least two people (no family groupings, please) and that at least two of you are a farmer under the ATO guidelines.

Go to, click the green button and fill in the super-easy form.  You’ll get a phone consultation to sort out what services you need and then you’re on your way! (And did we mention that it's free?)

e-News - new communication format

The NSW Region is now using a fresh new way to communicate with members. The first e-News was sent out this morning via a mail gate program.

Members will now receive emails from the region via this account and will appear in the format in the image. Future emails will be sent from the President, VP and Secretary, whose email addresses will appear following the NSW Members section of this email account.  

Please check your SPAM folders to make sure they are not being rejected by your computer. And also ensure your contact details are correct via e-Alpaca because the NSW Region uses the details in e-Alpaca to update the new mail gate system.


Creating a New Alpaca Related Business?

Starting your own business can be an exciting but daunting time. To make sure you get off on the right foot, it’s important to plan properly and find out what’s involved.

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, which is part of have some really great information that will help you make business planning decisions.

Below is a section from their website for your consideration and use. More information can be found on their website.

Start the Planning

Things you should consider when starting your business include:

Starting your business checklist can guide you step by step through the process. 

You can also find specific information available for:

Planning for your business

Planning is very important when setting up your business. Having plans in place will allow you to:

  • set goals
  • track your progress
  • sell your business idea to others (e.g. potential investors)
  • know what to do when things don’t go to plan.

Find out more on how to develop your business plan.

To help you get started, check out the templates and tools, including:

Find more in the Templates and tools section.

Bungendore Show

AAA members will be promoting alpacas during the Bungendore Show 28th January at the Bungendore Show Grounds. 

If your located near Bungendore consider adding this to your calendar as it is sure to be a great day! Come along for a chat with local breeders and find out more about alpacas.

Open for 9am - 4pm. Adults $15, Seniors $10 and kids under 13 free.

More information here.

Moss Vale - Small Farm Field Days

AAA NSW Members will be promoting alpacas within Australia during the Moss Vale Small Farms Field Days - 3rd and 4th of February.

Come along for a chat with local breeders and find out more about alpacas.

Open for 9am - 4pm. Adults $5 and kids under 15 free. Moss Vale Show Grounds.

More information here:

Safework Australia - support for small businesses

According to Safework Australia small businesses account for more than 95% of all Australian businesses and are responsible for the health and safety of approximately 4.8 million workers. These figures include alpaca farms that are run as businesses.

Small businesses have less than 20 workers and will often be single director companies and family businesses. Leaders of these businesses are likely to be part of the day-to-day work and workplace.

Small businesses have health and safety obligations to not only their workers but to their visitors. Farms have more hazards and risks than usual workplaces so it is very important as farm owners to understand and manage those risks.

The Safework Australia site has some great support material to help guide you through your health and safety obligations.

Link here.

2018 Trade Stands at the Canberra Show

Do you have alpaca related products to sell?

Why not think about taking up one of the 4 trade stands at the Canberra Show this year. The stands are 3x3 and are directly in front of the alpaca show area.

The Canberra Show attracts over 100,000 visitors every year and the alpaca area is directly near one of the main gates as you enter the show grounds.This is a great opportunity to showcase alpaca products to a wide audience.

If your interested please contact Jess Sachs on: for more information.

2018 Canberra Show

Have you considered sponsoring the 2018 Canberra Show?

There are still multiple sponsorship packages available. If you are interested in supporting the RNCAS, please contact Jess for available individual class sponsorship package entitlements.

Jess cannot stress the importance of sponsorship and would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support over the years.

A special thanks to Julie from Baarrooka Alpacas who is once again, one of the shows premier sponsors. Also to be thanked are Julienne and Frank Gelber of Bumble Hill Alpacas, Bob and Helen Kingwell of Monga Alpacas and Trish Robb of Azzura Alpacas who have all come on board as multiple sponsors. We cannot thank you all enough!

2018 Canberra Show - Entries are open!

The entries for the Canberra Show are now open, via E Alpaca. Closing 27 januray 2018. 

The show schedule is available HERE


2018 Canberra Show - Alpacas for Sale

Coming to the Canberra Show and want to advertise your alpacas for sale?
The RNCAS invites you to sell your animals at the RNCAS Canberra Royal Show 2018. The cost per animal is $50.
Please note, the alpaca pavilion will be open to the public again this year and will provide a great platform for you to sell your
• $50 must be paid at time of entry with sale entry form off the RNCAS site.
• The animal must be shown and cannot leave the grounds until departure time.
• The 'For Sale Sign' must be removed from the animal before it enters the show ring.
• At no time can the selling of animals interfere with the show. If your animals are not in the marshalling area at time of line-up, you will be disqualified.
• No 'For Sale Signs' or selling material can be attached to the pen.
• The 'For Sale' sign must be removed along with halters at the end of every day.
• For sale animals must wear this sign and it is not transferable.
What the $50 entitles you to do:
• A small discrete sign to be hung around the animals neck provided by the RNCAS.
• Individuals are able to negotiate the designated animals sale at the show.
• For sale animals must wear this sign and it is not transferable.
• A listing of all the animals for sale will be provided under the stud name.